Sold please close

Looking to sell off this toon:
Dirty Merc

All rules of ccp character sales will be followed:
toon has positive wallet
toon is free from kill rights
toon in high sec and npc corp
clone with +4s and scanning implants
2nd clone with a couple gunnery implants
remap available now with 2 bonus remaps

buy out is set at 50b …Just note that all lowballs will be considered bumps (thank you)



30bil offer

to the top

40bil buy out. Isk in hand

weekend bump

42bil buy out.

listen, I’m a busy man and don’t have a ton of time to continue to monitor all the low bids, so,… if you meet me at 45 I will send it out right away, you’ll be using it tonight (hopefully using, not draining, but that’s up to you)

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i’d be willing to go 43. Best i can do. Isk can be sent right away

sorry, 45 is the lowest I’m willing to go, good luck in your search hope you find that perfect cheap toon.

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no worries, take care.

45b offer,isk in hand

Maybe our time zones are different, maybe you’re busy, but any time during these three days, if you agree, I will complete this transaction

lets do this before I change my mind

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I’ll do 45 B right now. Let’s do it.

ya that’s not how I do things, I’m going to give him time to respond first, unless of course you plan to offer my buyout

45.5 B then. Let’s do it since you said that you were willing to do transact for 45 B unless you have changed your mind.

dude, that’s called sniping, I’m going to give him the chance to confirm or pass. If he doesn’t get back to me today then you and I can talk

Okay, I’m new to this, so I don’t know much but someone else took my bid for another character by bidding 2 Billion less than me because I was absent for an hour.
So, I’m merely following their example but I didn’t bid less than that guy.
Edit: I checked and it says something like Sniping rules is like 2 hours or something, not sure.