Sold please close

*Thank you for your serious attitude towards this transaction. You are a sincere seller, for which I am willing to pay 46b for him. I will get up 3 hours later and send you the isk and account information.o7

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46.5 B

Maybe I misunderstood what the seller meant, so let’s start bidding again.
47b offer

sold, send isk and info and I will send it out right away

47.5 B. Not trolling btw as I prefer to gain as much ISK as possible from a trade, so an increase of 0.5 Bill everytime I post.

Edit: I’m retracting my offer as I feel kinda cheated here. You said there’s the sniper rule but instantly accepted his 47 B offer instead of waiting for my response. I feel there is a kind of foul play here even if there is not, so you can sell it to him for 47 B. Thanks for your time.

sure,i will send you isk and character information in 10 minutes.
To make sure you dont lose,ill give you 47.5b

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Isk and account information sent

recieved and toon sent

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