Sold , close pls

Security status 0,0
59 permanent Skins
NPC corp
positive ISK balance
no Kill rights
Located in high sec - Jita
remap available + 2 bonus remaps
all ccp rules apply

Looking for 6,5B , or the highest offer but not under 6B

2.5b b/o

3B isk lets go friend

Ty for your offers but I m waiting for more , 3 B pfff , its more the cost of transfer mate .

retract , i got all toon i need

ty , I will wait for 2 more days , if will by not higer offers the char will by yours



3.2b let’s go

The auction period is over, please proceed with the transaction.

what price do you want ? Why don’t start deal?

he have said “no under 6b”

6b is like the max you could get for it, so good luck

I offer 3 toenails clippings from an unspecified animal…

bump …

5bill offer

5.8bill and its yours

6.5 offer

send isk and info

isk not sent , stil waiting offers …