WTS 38,5m + 620k unallocated SP decent PVP pilot


Also comes with a CA1-4 clone

Positive wallet balance
Neutral sec status
No kill rights
Currently located in jita
NPC Corp
1 remap + 1 bonus remap
Start bid: 25B
Buyout: 30B


23b offer

edit: offer retracted, bought another.

It says sec status is -.2 :frowning:

yes but if that is a problem to any buyer then ill fix that - down to -0,5 nothing is gonna be a problem :slight_smile:

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up up, now with new link

Has the goodwill been brought up?

What do you mean? :slight_smile:

bump bump :slight_smile: gotta me someone whi wants this :slight_smile:

20b offer

Thanks but thats even below skill extraction value

21b offer

22b offer

22.5b offer

23b offer

23.5b offer

Offer noted - I adjusted the price alittle - however I will let it run for a few more days unless the right offer comes along

24b offer
This is my last price.I hope you can consider it.

25B offer

25.5b offer