SOLD! 34.5m SP Sub Cap Pilot for Sale

34,586,517 SP Sub Cap Pilot

Current Location: Amarr

Jump Clone: Rens - Basic +3 implants 1-5 slots
Can have a total of 4 clones but other locations aren’t set

Zero Kill Rights

Positive Wallet

Bonus Remaps: 2

Starting bid 28b

B/O 29b

28b b/o?

Thank you for the offer but looking for a better price

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Well rounded character with great PvP skills / Bump


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will offer 29b isk

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Offer of 29b accepted Queen Currency. Please send isk and account transfer info.

Queen_Currency are you still interested? Going to have to put back on market if no reply.

Ok, with no answer let’s get this ball rolling again and back up on the market.


Arch-Vex offer of 28b accepted. Pls send isk and account info.

Will need to go back into the market if no answer soon.

sorry I forgot to check this post. I already bought a similar SP charackter, so not intrested in this anymore. looking for around 10m sp alts now

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26 bil