WTS 68m cap pilot

68mil sp
309k unallocated
located in highsec structure
cap pilot (moros/archon/apostle)
positive wallet
ccp rules apply
single corp

If you have questions, or offers, post on the thread. I will not be checking mails as this is not my main toon.

pswd: 1234
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Offer 48b

bump. Looking for a bit more than 48.

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How much are you looking for?

60bil is the lowest.

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48.5b isk ready

thank you but looking for more. daily bump

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49b offer

still too low. thanks for the offer

I will take 60bISK if possible.

I will sell for 60 bil. send isk and account name to character and I will start transfer.

okay just wait me for about 24 hours, I will take those ready. btw, just to confirm the account name I am going to send is “mocherowy_beret4”

as long as nobody outbids you between now and then, should be fine. Send isk & account name to toon when ready and post here.

Account name is NOT what you listed. it is exactly what shows on the forums. Copy and paste from forum. If you want to be extra sure. The characters is currently in Caldari Provisions and before that was in Time Lord Academy.

got it. will send to you ASAP

bump to keep active.