WTS 74.7M SP Sub-Cap and Cap Pilot

Hello ,
Im selling my character

Some great skills it has :

Fighters V
Capital Projective Turret V
Caldari Industrial V
Caldari Carrier III
Gallente Carrier IV
Minmatar Carrier IV

And also some good sub-cap skills

Pw : 1234

Pilot located in HS
No killrights

Starting bid : 65 B
B/0 : 70 B

Make your offers.

65 bil!

68 B if you want it now.

Edit: let’s let it run for a bit. Confirming 65b.



to the top !

Whats the PW to the eve board

Fixed . ty !

67B B/O offered… Looking to pick up soon… This offer good until I find a cap pilot…

Meh… You offered 68B earlier… If you want to do that you have a deal…

68 B Offer accepted !

Logged in , awaiting isk and account info .
transfer will be done through a ticket .

Isk transferred… Account name sent in evemail and as comment on transfer

Isk received ! and ticket has been sent !

Character received, thank you

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