WTS 42.6mil Sub cap pilot, great supporting skills

I am down scaling my EVE a little and as a result my current main character over here is up for sale.

She is a sub cap focused pilot with great supporting skills all around except for missile skills which I have not yet put any focus on at all. She can fly quite some mean ships already, but if you choice aint in the mix yet I doubt she will be far off.

Skill board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Serena_Athrawes
Wallet & sec status are positive.
No kill rights on the character.
Currently safely docked in an NPC station 1 jump from Jita (also medical clone location)
Only possible downside to her are a couple of negative standings as a result from my low sec days

Starting bid 40Bil (Extraction value)
BO: A good offer :wink:

Up she goes.

Contacted in-game

@Shnitzel_Tiras Got your message in game and answered.

Up she goes.

Up she goes again

An other day and other trip to the top and pilot skill willing she could take you to the top of any killboards.

Some one told me I should focus on trading, I believe blowing things up is trading, it is trading ammunition for entertainment after all and with me in your character arsenal you can do a lot of those trades.



42Bil is the current highest bid.

With this I will start a 24 hour period after which the highest bid standing will win.

43 billion ISK right here

43B highest bid, about 6 hours left before sale will be made final.

44B in hand

@FearlessTeapot Seems you have the highest bid, if you are willing to proceed please deposit the funds in my account along with an EVE mail with the account name for the transfer

ISK Sent

@FearlessTeapot Transfer started, nice doing business with you.

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