WTS 51,8M subcap pilot - all cruisers V, excellent scanning skills

NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
-1.4 Sec Status
Located in Jita 4-4

51,8M skillpoints in total (1,038,926 unallocated)

Starting bid 40B

40b offer

Thanks for the offer!
I’m going to work now, if by the time I’m back at around 1900 EVE time there are no other bids, I will accept yours and we can complete the transaction today if you want.

40.5 bil

41b offer

41.5b offer

You know what, I will accept the first offer of 42b.


As Aelin withdrawn their offer, I’m happy to accept next highest one. If you’re still interested Mimirko, we can finalise the transfer today.

sounds good, ill send the ISK and account name around 18-19 eve time if thats allright with you

Sure, no problem!

I got home earlier, ISK and account info sent

ISK received and character transfer started.

Character transfered, thank you!