WTS 8.8m Starter Pilot

I am selling myself

Positive wallet, no kill rights/jump clones, located in Jita 4 4
Almost all skills can be used as an alpha

Please post a working link. The one included looks to be a private link

Should be fixed

Works now, thank you. Did you have a price range in mind?

Not atm, just looking for offers

2.5B offer

Bump/looking for 4b+


I’ll offer 4.25bil

4.3 bil

Could you do 4.5?

ok 4.5b)

I’ll be home in around 8 hours, if you want send isk/account info now I’ll transfer once online. Otherwise we can wait until later, up to you.

4.5B sent. In game mail sent with account info to be sent to.

recieved isk, sent

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