WTS -Sub cap pilot - 42,3m SP - (8,325,093m Unallocated SP)

Looking to sell has good core skills and there is also over 8m sp Unallocated so you can make what ever you want.

Looking for offers above 38b

No Kill Rights
Positive Sec Status
No Jump Clones
Located in Jita /HS
NPC Corp
Positive wallet
Remap Available X1

30 B offer

Looking for offers above 38B


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35b offer

I will leave the sale going for at least another 6 hrs and let you know. thanks for your Bid.

39 bil

sent in-game email, waiting for your news

Sold as long as you are ok with waiting till 19.00 eve time before i can start the transfer ( at work ) Please send Isk and Mail in-game with the Account you would like thee char sent to.

thanks will try to check in a few mins

i sent name accaunt and isk afther you back your home start trasfert?

Thats upto you if you want to wait. i can ping you in-game or on here when ready to transfer.

isk and accaunt name sent

Ok as soon as i am home from work i will start the transfer

Transferd started ! Should be with you in 10hrs time.

thank you .

The character arrived, thank you

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