74.5m sp 1.7m unallocated subcap pvp start 40b

hey guys. im selling my pilot. all rules apply.

hes great for subcap pvp. can use many t2 weapons and ships of all sized. nice name too. he smacks!

in npc corp. i pay transfer. positive wallet.

starting bid


Buyout 67

40B to start then.

45b offer

47B it is.

50b offer

52B offer

55b offer

56b offer

57B offer

58b isk

these are some great offers!! if we can push a little higher. im willing to let this boy go today! and you can play all weekend

willing to sell right now for 61.5.

first come

58.5b valid til 00:00 Eve time

For the record, I’m out at 57B. So its between jack and anyone else that comes along.

sold to jack for 58.5

feel free to send in game message with account. and isk. and i will start the transfer.

Isk and account name has been sent

transfer has been started. can you please confirm you recieved the email.

also. thanks for your purchase. it was a pleasure as it was a quick transaction.

Pleasure doing business, much appreciated.

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