WTS Capital en Subcap pilot (102 mil sp)

Selling myself!

5.00 security status
Positive killboard

Really good drone skills
Really good armor skills
Lots of subcap ships skills at V
Capital Ships V

And lots more ofcourse, I’d just open the skillboard link!

Buyout set at 85 Bil

70b offer

Bump! Looking for a little more than 70b.

Onwards, to the top!

Would accept a lower buyout, bump!

I offer 72b for this character.

Is it still for sale?

It’s still for sale! bump!

75b offer in 1hours

Agreed, you can send the isk and details and I will start the transfer proces!

pls hold on.i will send it

isk send pls check

please check isk and start transfer proces.thank you

Isk received, transfer started! Enjoy!

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