WTS 140.5B PVP/PVE Subcapital/Capital pilot

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Gunnery/missiles/Drones focused subcap pilot.
Can perfectly fly amarr dreadnoughts, carriers and fax and almost all subcaps of all races.

wallet 0 isk
no assets
positive security status
no kill rights
npc corp
in hisec space.

  • two sets of clones with set of +5 implants
    Attribute remap available.

starting bid 90B.
I will pay the transfer fee.

80b offer


Thank you, bids noted. Bump

daily bump

Bumpy bump

90B offer

Thank you, bid noted.
I will wait 24h for other offers and if not, will accept yours.

look forward to

Sorry, I also like another character. If he doesn’t agree with my offer. You didn’t get the latest offer after 24 hours. I believe this is a pleasant deal.


I agree on this price (92B). Please send ISK and mail me account name so I can start the transfer.

Thank you. Will send isk as soon as I’m able to log in later today.

isk and account info sent

This character is being transferred to another account and cannot be logged in.

Good luck with your new character!

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mods you can close the topic.
thanks everyone

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