SOLD: 92m sp PvP Subcap pilot with great name

See skills at eveskillboard (no password)

  • 92M Skillpoints
  • positive wallet
  • located in Jita
  • has no Kill Rights on him
  • 2 remaps available
  • full HG snake implant set plugged in
  • great name!

Buyout: dropped to 80B

70 bil

Thanks for the offer but will need to reject.


Price dropped to 80 bil B/O.

Offer accepted. Please contact in-game with Acct Info and as soon as isk arrives I’ll start the transfer. Cheers.

retracted sorry

i’ll do 71b. isk ready and will be sent upon acceptance

Thank you. 71b offer accepted. Please contact in-game with details.

hey, i noticed on eve board that your total SP is only 90.7mil SP and not 92m SP as you have claimed. FYI, the unallocated SP is already added to the total SP shown on eveboard. Can you please confirm and/or correct the amount of SP before we move to the next step? thanks!

The unallocated aren’t added to the total on the skillboard, they are accounted for and listed separately. The total SP including unallocated was 91.68m. As a show of good faith, I even redeemed another 325k to make the new total (including unallocated) 92,009,451 SP,

Has it been sold?

Almost, sorting some loose ends. Technically still available.

Well, I was going to buy it.

sending isk and account info now

isk and account info sent

Good luck with the

ISK received, transfer initiated. Thanks.

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