WTS 9.1mil SP Alpha Inc. 1.52mil unallocated Sp


9.1mil Total Sp
7.6mil Allocated mostly in Minmatar Combat with basic Logi skills
1.52mil unallocated SP
Positive Sec Status
Positive Bank Balance
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita 4-4 Station
36 available Skins on character

Starting bid 3.5bil
Buyout 6bil

2 Remaps available
No implants or Jump Clones

Your Skillboiard link is not pointing directly to the Character you want to sell here. Please Fix that.

Hi Traindriver, glad you commented. I have done it twice now and for some reason when I post the direct link to my character your website removes it and just goes to the generic post. Please fix asap.

It allowed me to do it in this comment but in the original post I have pasted the exact same link but for some reason the website is not allowing it.

I have edited the orginal post for you.


Legend, cheers.

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I’ll go with 5B, I think that’s a reasonable offer.

5.5bil and it is yours today

Sounds good, will send you the ISK right away.

sold for 5.5bil to you then!

Have initiated transfer enjoy!

Pilot transfer initiation received, thanks!

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