Hello. I am currently selling myself.

101.5m SP with some unspent SP.

Character from the early days with a super short name.

Starting bid: 80b
If the price is high enough I will sell it there and then else the auction will run until the 3rd of December, 2018 at downtime for Eve.

Character has re-sculpting and remaps.
Location in hisec.
Positive standings with no kill rights.

Happy Bidding!

Bump. Starting bid reduced.

Would you consider 72 billion?

It will be put under consideration. Daily Bump!

I’ll bid 80BN though I will be taking a vacation on December the 3rd . So I’d appreciate it if we could get in contact before. Oh and I won’t turn your character into Skill Injectors but actually use it.

Hi Shaktar, thats great news and I will send you a personal in game mail to discuss some details and possibly speed this process up!

Given our ingame mail exchange I have agreed to make a Buy Out offer of 85Bn ISK for the Character Fred Bloggs. ISK will be transferred as soon as the seller confirms the terms and accepts my bid as the winning bid for the character.

I am just rebuilding my PC. Will speed it up and confirm everything ASAP!

Okay Shaktar. Just read your mail. Offer accepted as discussed in game mail. Please wire the isk and provide me to which account I can send Fred here.

I have to go on a 24 hour business trip so when I’m back tomorrow around 6 hours after downtime I can initiate the transfer. After that it should be a matter of moments for you to receive Fred.

Hi Fred, I sent you the isk as well as the details for the transfer to your eve mail.


Hey. Many thanks. I’ll be back at my computer in 5-6 hours and will initiate the transfer which should be fairly quick and with you before you log on hopefully.

I’ll confirm in another post when the transfer has been initiated and mark this thread as sold!

Character initiated and should be with you soon. Any problems just message me here.

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