122 mil sp good subcap / nid pilot

I am for sale.
Notable : Can sit in a nyx, can fly a leshak, can fly all carriers, can fly a t1 naglfar and not far from t2.
BIN : To be determined, Feel free to offer.

All pre-requisites have been met (npc corp positive wallet etc.)


My Offer 115B

Current offer 115B, will sell in 48 hours.

rather than make you wait.
I got the toon I need yesterday so I resigned from this buy.
Offer cancelled

No problem :slight_smile: Character still for sale.

115 billion ISK right here. I can have the ISK within 24 hours or less.

let me know when you got it :slight_smile:

I am interested for the character if you sell him still 116 bill

116.5 Billion ISK and it is ready when you confirm I am highest bidder.

117 ready isk

118 Billion ISK ready right now

119 billion ready to give

Was ready but someone is outbidding me. I will let you get the higher bidder as the winner of this. Congratulations!

That escalated quickly :). Will allow 12 more hours for bids then i’ll consider this character sold. Sorry for the late response :). Current bid : 119 Bil by mpougatsa tyri

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is the character sold!?

Contacted you in game, Will be home in about 5 hours from now, Toss me an in game mail with the account to transfer it too. You can send the isk before I get home, or when I am home. Transfer can’t start until I get there regardless. You are the winner of this auction :).

EDIT: home early. Let me know when your on, i’ll be online until approximately 11pm-12am PST.

isk were sent and account info to transfer the account.

nice doing business with you

Transfer has been started, Good luck with him! :slight_smile:

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