WTS 21 mil SP drones character - SOLD

I want to sell my old character


No kill rights
can be in Jita
no money on wallet
SS -1.85

please offer :slight_smile:


14 bil

Thank you for offers guys.
I forgot to say: this auction will last for 3 days. I will close it on wednesday 20:00 UTC.
Simply highest offer wins.

14.5 bil

15 bil

16 bil

17 bill

BUMP! :slight_smile:

BUMP! Few hours left :slight_smile:

Sold to @Hia_Jez for 17 bil.

I am not sure how this process should look right now. There is no info about that in Welcome to the Character Bazaar thread. Should I contact some support to to exchange?

how will you be paying for the character via credit card? if so is a very easy process
once you receive the isks and the account info where the character will be transferred to you can start the transfer process

Ok I have found information.
I need account info and ISK. Today its late so I will start process tomorrow. I hope itโ€™s ok with you.

sending the isks and account info

isks and account info sent. Confirm the isks was received and please provide status of transferr process.
Thank you

Got ISKs thank you :slight_smile:
Got also email in-game about account. Please provide here first and last account character for confirmation that it was you who send email.
I will proceed with transfer then.

Confirmed, character Elon Musq sent the ingame email and isks. Please transfer to the account mentioned in the ingame emai by Elon Musq
Thank you

Sure, itโ€™s enough. Starting process.


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