WTS 26 MIL SP Fighter Pilot

Hello people , Im looking to sell this fine Character ( https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ellie_Ariesol ). PASS 321

26MIL SP with Positive wallet , 2 Bonus Remaps, 5.2 Fed Navy Standing so she can pull missions, no implants. This Charcakter can fly a lot and very decent. Very much fighting focus skilled .

Following skills are at lvl 5 : Hull Upgrades , Mechanics,Drones, Drone Avionics , Heavy Medium Light and Sentry Drone Operation , CPU Management, Capacitor Emission Systems, Capacitor Systems Operation, Electronics Upgrades, Power Grid Management, Weapon Upgrades, Gunnery , Large Energy and Hybrid Turret, Medium Hybrid Turret , Motion Prediction, Rapid Firing, Small Hybrid Turret, Small Railgun Specialization, Evasive Maneuvering ,Navigation , Assault Frigates, Gallente Cruiser,Gallente Destroyer,Gallente Frigate ,Interceptors…

Im looking for anything above 20 Bil, will keep this thread open for a few days or untill a good offer has been made. I will pay by PLEX via the Support team. Thank you for your attention and good luck.
edit : forgot to add pass for character

Bumping the thread and reducing asking offer to 19 BIL.

20 bil buy off? isk send before 30 august down time

I will accept this offer , as soon as you send the isk I will initiate the transfer , keep in mind that I’m doing it over the support system with plex if that’s ok with you

what problem using the support system with plex? can u specify?

There is no problem , but it can take longer than usual. I have to send a ticket and then the support makes the transfer

money have been sent, please confirm and proceed the transfer

Give 30 min I’m on my way from work

Charcater transfer has been initiated .

Noted, thx

Character should be transferred.

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