[Sold] WTS 25,5M Sp Gila Pilot

I am selling this Character :

Current Skillpoints 25.558.107

Current Wallet : 0 isk
Location : Perimeter
unallocated Skill points: 15718
Kill Rights : 0
He has been a Fw farming alt in the Past : Caldari -2.01 , Amarr -5,87

It has been used for Sansha/Guristas 6/10s in the Past and recently for Electrical T4 Filaments.

Buyout : 25 b

hello, i like to offer 21b/o

Ok i will take this Offer of 21b . Send the Isk and Information and i will initiate the transfer.

If you still want the character at 08:00 eve time, that will be the earliest i could start the transfer.

Character still available 28.02.2020 14:20 eve time

I changed my mind . Character taken of the Market . Trade not available anymore. (29.02 09:30 eve time)

hi there,
Did not have time to log in past days. bu tim still intrested.
isk is awaiting and can transfer now if you are willing to sell it ofcourse :slight_smile:

Ok i understand that. If you are still interested send the isk and information i will start the transfer.

isk and account name sent

I recieved the Isk , Transfer started.
https://prnt.sc/r9lzg9 Time shown is eve time , 10h from now.

thank you , hf , fly safe

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