WTS; 6.4m SP Gila Pilot


I am looking for a new home.

I am a nice starter toon, with a strong basic skill-set.

:oriolesparrot: My skills
:oriolesparrot: Currently in Jita 4-4

Transfer will be paid by me.

Start: 4b
B/O: 6b

Up the top, until we drop :slight_smile:

Up … Up…

4 bil

Thanks, I am looking for abit more :slight_smile:

Almost weekend :slight_smile:

Up we go

New weekend ahead…

It is weekend :slight_smile:

I can give you 5B

make it 5.5b and we have a deal.

Ok, let’s do this. I will send isk and account name in few minutes.

ISK and account information is received.

Support ticket is created for transfer. Have fun with her.

Character recevied. Thank you.

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