WTS 63.2 mil SP - Subcap PvP / PvE pilot - 520,000 unallocated SP


Subcap pvp / pve pilot

63.2 mil SP
520000 unallocated SP
Remap Available + 2 bonus remaps
5.0 security status
positive wallet
in npc corp

3 jumpclones (all located in high-sec)
-HG-crystal set !
-Improved crystal set
-and empty clone

Buyout is 58B

51b offered

Looking for more, Tnx for the Offer…

55 bil

ill get back to you when still no offers by Aug. 1.

Feel free to look for other pilots, i won’t blame you if you see another.

Thanks for the offer.

Last Bump, Buyout Lowered.

If you are still interested, send isk and account details.

Offer available only up to when someone bids higher, but if isk is sent before a higher bid from other players,
I will honor your Payment.

Offering 52B if your current deal doesn’t suceed.

I would do 52.5 bil

Isk and info Sent

Transfer Complete


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