WTS 91M Sp Subcap Specd PVP char

FenekesKite (Skill board link)

  • Very nice KB
  • Green Wallet
  • -0.6 Sec
  • No Killrights
  • Perfect EWAR Skills
  • 3/4 cruisers 5, Hac5, Logicruisers5
  • Missile/gun supports 5
  • 1 Remap
  • All pods in Jita 2HG snake 1 MG snake
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  • 80B StartingBid
  • 90B Buyout

73bil buy out. Isk in hand

85 bil buyout

Thanks for the free bump

I must say that I also dont see the 100 or even the 150.
What offer would you except?`
I can still go a few more bil

If no other offersby the time I get home for work, would you do 90?

Offer removed

this character is worth at best 72.5 billions, nowhere near your 90bil target. just my 2 cents…

Maybe If count Just extractor value, skill books over 80m sp, 8-10b in pods, actually proper speced Subcap main character

you built this character to your liking. not everyone likes what you like. most people that buy pilot from the bazaar forum will most likely extract out some skills that they do not need. therefore, what you value might not be what everyone else values. good luck trying to sell this at a premium price though… hope you find someone with the same taste as you :rofl:

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If I wanted to sell it for extractor price, I’d extract it myself :slight_smile:

poor russian warrior ;p

He can’t use it to rmt so he’s upset


Skillboard was taken offline please update to char.tools4eve.com

71B B/O

72bil buy out. isk in hand

@FenekesKite please update post to use https://char.tools4eve.com skillboard