[CLOSED] WTS 114M SP Char - BE and DO whatever you want! (REDUCED 90bi)

Be and do whatever you want!

  • Miner - you have it!
  • Logistics - all goog!
  • PVE - don’t even need to mention that…
  • PVP - now you are talking!
  • Capitals - pilot overlord!

Buyout: 90B ISK
Offers: Please don’t be a clown make a proper offer

Lot’s of level 5 skills including tank, engineering and ships!!! Yeeessssss ships!!!
Including Carrier, Heavy Assault, Heavy dictors, Recon, Amar, Galente and Minmatar battleship, MARAUDERs all level 5 and many more level 4.

The char is sitting on a full high grade slave implant set to help you on your PVE adventures or your capital engagements. Can remap points now and have 2 bonus remaping available already!

  • 100.000 unallocated skill points

Don’t undermine your game anymore, lot’s of in-game skills to mach yours RL game skills. Don’t hold yourself back anymore, be the best you can be!!!

Details can be found at:

According to character bazaar’s rules:

+Positive Wallet
+Positive security Status
+No kill rights
+Located in high security - most of clones
+Seller pays transfer fee
+All forum rules apply

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Daily bump. Don’t miss this opportunity make an offer.

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78b offered

Back to the top here we go!

60bil ready i take good care of it

59b offer

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Here we go again

Withdrawn for now, pending on another toon

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To the top we go

My bid of 78b is still good.

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79b offer

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80b offer

Here is the deal.
Only during this weekend, I am lowering the buyout to 90b.
Monday I go back to 100bi.

For a 114M SP char with slave high-grade this is not a bad deal at all.

Cheers !!!

70b offer

85b offer