WTS 154 mil SP PvP and Capital Pilot

This character is an absolute beast. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bloody_Shell

Some highlights:

3 Jump Clones, one with high-grade Nomads, one with Slaves, and one with Crystals. Each also has +5% skill hardwiring that go with the implant set. All these implants together are easily worth 4-5 billion isk.

All racial battleship skills to 5
All racial strategic cruiser to lvl 4 or 5
Caldari Dreadnought lvl 5
Capital Ships lvl 5
Marauders lvl 5
Command ships lvl 5 and all racial battlecruiser skills lvl 5
Caldari subsystems lvl 5, all others at 4 except Minimatar which is at 3

Bidding starts at 125B buyout is 142B

Happy bidding!

100b b/o cash ready.

I really appreciate the offer but that’s wayyy too low. I could extract all the skills and get 120Bil isk.

Thank you for the bid though.

ill do 125b b/o isk ready. saves you the time to excrat skills

Thank you for the offer Fawniqua but I can’t take a B/O that low, I’m in no rush. I’ll probably let this char sit a 4-5 days and see who bids the highest or if anyone takes the 142B buyout.

You’re welcome to change your buyout offer to a bid though, if you like.

In-game buyout offer accepted, awaiting isk.

isk and account name sent

Received, thank you. Will initiate character transfer shortly

check your ingame mail. changed the account info

Got it, will make sure I send it to the right acct.

Transfer initiated. Thank you

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