Char SOLD!

skills installed
i selling my favorite pilot

*Located in Highsec

  • Positive Wallet

  • Jump clone with implants

  • Bonus remaps

  • No killrights

  • Npc corp

Gunnery Skills all V 39mil
Missiles Skills all V 17.6mil
Spaceship Command Skills all V 47.8mil
he rest of skills may be distributed at your discretion
ready to capital ships
ships all races
able to all
black ops, combat recons, heavy assault, heavy interdiction,
interdictors, marauders, strategic cruisers and more… look skills
I want 130B or more… place you bids here or mail me ingame for any questions
normal buyer shall pay more than 130
All ccp rules apply
transfer via my credit card
time will tell a price i’ve gotta take


140B isk


do you buy for yourself? сan we contact in game ?

I am buying to play wwith it as my main, yeah.

I can contact you in game. :slight_smile:

145B isk !!!

convo me ingame if you want to buy

good offer, but I think you do not have a isk)

I want to buy

You don’t have to worry about that
After one hour, please check your mail and wallet

it seems to me that you are just typing messages, maybe I’m wrong

Thank you for accepting my 145B offer. I understand your concern

I messaged you in game, and eve mailed. unless you are just wanting his offer. :slight_smile: I have the isk though.

I did not accept your bid, moreover it seems to me that this is a scam, so sorry but your bets will not be accepted

This is a scam WTS 108M sp Arik Heimdall ,I hope to gain your confidence

Which person are you talking to?

No scam from me.

You have the right to reject my offer, but please do not slander or insult me

135b with other persons offer rejected.

I did not try to offend you, I just have doubts that you buying his and you have a isk