WTS 108M sp Arik Heimdall

Npc corp,possitive wallet,no killrights,local jita
Perfect armor/Drones/Engineering/Navigation/Shields…
lot skills at level 5 it took a long time
Price start 90b




ok i will go to the gym soon i will be here in 2 hours

nvm 100 is a good deal.


I chose to terminate the transaction because I was told that the character had been stolen

you keep waiting and then you write that it is a scam, are you crazy ?

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Moss Asuna crazy

I complained to Moss Asuna, I hope they get him out of here.


Waiting for a normal buyer who really wants to buy my character. :v:

95B ready

waiting for you,for further action.

If still for sale, I will take for 92.5mil.

and I, 93B

And I, back up to 95

94 bil