Wts 67 msp caldary pilot

no killrights
npc corp
no jump clones
possitive wallet
character in perimetr
ready for transfer
start bid 55b
65B BO


60 bil




accepted pls send isk to my character pomotaichic aihaken pls

@GM_Ix smells like a scam

ISK sent

got isk waiting data for transfer

mail send waiting for transfer

I hope it is not a scam.

In my opinion, you two are in a group. Your role is to make me anxious to give him money first, and even drive me to give a higher bid. To be honest, I am willing to give a price of more than 6.6 billion for this role, but the intuition tells me that this is a trap. Maybe you are indeed a buyer, and the seller is a person who only care about the isk more than his promise. I don’t even want to waste any second to talk with this kind of people . Or maybe you are one of his actors, or his other account, then plz continue your performance, I applaud for you.

good analysis .

Thanks guys for an amusing thread. I believe this is a scam as well.

it looks like you are the scammer, according to rules of this character bazaar you must send the isk prior to transfer not when it is ended. and transfer it to the character you are buying. looks like u tried to get character without paying for it.

lol,your understanding is too absurd. you dont read the conversation in the picture carefully,do you? any way,as long as you are happy , you can report this to GM since i have already @GM_Ix. i really hope all scammers get the punishement deserved.

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