Make offers
need fast isks now

You need to post the thread with the character for sale

Offer 37b

37.5b offer

Deal, transfer the isk to this toon and I’ll do the character transfer afterwards , my internet sucks so we need to do this fast so I won’t get disconnected @Randy_Pixel

if you contact me in game i have isk in hand willing to purchase

Johnny Risk

pls hold isk sent…

cool best of luck to you

thanks for the communication Randy

pls check isk send

i guess i.ve benn duped

???i will report to ccp

You realize it takes time don’t you…

He rejected my session in the game, and I didn’t receive a transfer email for 40 minutes

It’s been 2 hours and he even said his connection is dodgy. At least wait a day before calling people scammers

Why don’t he come to the forum to say some one? It’s too suspicious. I really shouldn’t call him a liar, but I’m worried about my ISK.

My biggest mistake was not noticing that he was not in his role to negotiate a deal

I mean at no point has the character for sale posted here. That should raise a red flag for you

what can i do to save my isk?