(WTS) 20+ Toon for sell

I’m for sell if interest contact my alt in game svetlana kovacs


10bil buyout offer

back in game now she is online

offer accepted


isk and account info sent

isk received transfusing now as soon ask you eve mail me dials

i’ve already sent you the account name twice via eve mail. I sent it once after i sent you the isk. Then i sent it again after you requested it on the forum. We even chatted in game and you said you got it. I still havent received character transfer notifacation from CCP. If no transfer within 24 hours, i will submit a ticket to CCP.

Don’t be salty about character you bought on firesale :wink:

you must be the owner of MOONSHINER. good scamming bro. guess what, a ticket has already been submitted to CCP. I will definitely get my isk back and hopefullly MOONSHINER will get banned. good luck to you!!!

BTW, if you think it’s so easy to scam the character bazaar forum, then why aren’t all the scammers in jita be doing this for super easy isk? for sure CCP will not tolerate any scammers on this forum.

Yeah the for sell forums are protected. It’s in the rules. You will get your isk back the the scammer will get banned. That’s a ■■■■ thing to do for real.

Just for record keeping, I’ve tried many times to contact M00NSHINER and his main character “svetlana kovacs” as given on his initial post but they won’t respond me back. I’m being completely ignored by them after I sent the isk. This is obviously a scam for sure! Does CCP allow this kind of thing to happen without tolerating the scammer? Do they just send me back my isk and do nothing to the scammer? If that’s the case, then the freakin scammer basically got a free loan from me for a few days to do his business. this is no good. I think CCP should ban the scammer. what do you all think?

lol scamming in character bazaar

Given the allegations in here and that this thread is no longer being used to sell a character but argue about scamming I will lock this thread.

If you believe a seller has not followed the rules of Character Bazaar please file a Support Website.