yet another scam ?
This is out of control …

No offense seller, this sale is highly suspicious…

that my topic too… just want to sell 2 good characters.
I hope there are some ppl who have clear mind…

@ISD_Sakimura sakimura why they spam in my topic? is it normal? can you check me pls and tell that I am not scamer!

It’s been happening a lot lately. High SP characters getting sold for ridiculous low pricing, and then not following through on sale, hence scamming. It’s taken weeks for some people to get their money back.

for me it is not problem I just extract it if I don’t sell it in 1-2 days. I just don’t want waste my time. for me not important get extra isk… any way ill do transfer with cc INSTANT after I get isk. I am selling 2 chars here. so I don’t understand how I can be scamer…I hope admins clear that topic and others from spam…

just like most others, there is information you’re missing. where is your char located?, where are your JC’s located?

is it important information?

considering it’s in the rules, yes.

ill take the 145b b/o @Darthwayder

accepted waiting isk

isk and account info sent. Waiting for transfer


give to me 5 min just speaking with guy who offered some more…

I already sent you isk…

yes I got it. but it is not illegal if I return it now to get better offer… just 5 min if he don’t answer ill transfer to you. don’t worry pls

And the verdict is? :facepalm:

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@Darthwayder can I get an update please?

I’m guessing the “other buyer” was just a good distraction to get more time for all that clicking extracting. Also @Star_Jerk I saw you typing to this multiple times, something to add?