Wts 107 mln sp

No killrights, possitive wallet, noc corp, located in jita. Transfer for cash
Start bid 60b
I need isk in few hours so ill accept highest bid in 3-4 hours

80 billion b/o offer. isk ready and can send now.

Accepted ready for transfer

isk and account info sent

@perfomanse if no response regarding transfer of pilot by end of today, i will submit a support ticket to CCP for possible scamming on the character bazaar forum. good luck to you if that’s what you are currently doing.

Hello All,

I would like to get your feedback/help on what to do next. Apparently the Seller @perfomanse disappeared after he accepted my offer and I sent him the 80 billion ISK. On December 18th, I opened a support ticket reporting to CCP about the situation and also included a direct link back to this sale thread on the forum. A few days later, the account that I asked the Seller to transfer the pilot to GOT BANNED as shown in the screenshot below!! So far I have not received ANY response from CCP at all. I tried looking up a phone number to CCP’s support department but there is none. I asked CCP several times, via the support ticket, to explain why my account got banned when it is obvious that I got scammed on the character bazaar forum but still no response from them. If you look up my history on the character bazaar forum, I’ve bought more than 100 characters in the past (and yes it is for my SP farm). Any help on trying to get a hold of the support team at CCP? I’m stucked and don’t what to do next! Please advise.

Account Banned Screenshot

GM us the ban hammer as a wrecking ball rather then a feather of justice, ccp are investigating and once sorted isk and account will be returned, its ccp way, nothing is done normal with ccp :slight_smile:

welcome to eve

Yes, I have been waiting patiently knowing that not all staffs are working over the holidays. But it’s been more than 10 days and I think I deserve a least a quick response from CCP saying something like “We are investigating the problem and will return isk/account to you if the other party is found guilty”. But I have not received a SINGLE response from CCP to why I obviously got scammed on the char bazaar forum and my account got banned by GM Sultan. This upsets me…

you got your message in the ban window, CCP never apologies in a normal way even after deleting 30% of players boot ini lol sorry for your troubles buddy, GM’s are 1 unemployed grave digger 3 - 5yr olds and a vegan so you can imagine are over whelmed by support tickets it can take weeks even months on many tickets, I suggest finding a good book :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of your situation T.Y. Having also done a load of character transactions, I have had to petition several scams along the way. I’ve had my tickets resolved as quickly as 60 minutes and as long as close to 3 weeks. I believe character transfers and scam investigations get a high priority, but I also believe there are factors beyond simply being backed up in the support ticket queue that impact the timing.

The ban of your account - the one intending to receive the toon - is unusual. Speculation, at best, but I wonder if the seller of this character, having been given your account info, attempted to hack into the account in order to tap into the value of any other characters on the account. Something like that might cause the GMs to close down your account in conjunction with the investigation.

I will say that every one of the scam tickets that I have filed eventually got resolved fairly and equitably, including full reimbursement of the lost ISK. You will not receive any messages to the effect that your investigation is “pending”, but when you do finally get a reply, you will find that the GM team is a pleasure to work with.

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