BANNED ? Isk buy?

Good Afternoon to advice comunity.

I dont know if they have a program to auto ban or what i, sold my mains from 2007 to leave and keep an aplha to play rarely.
here is the transaction IDs.

41622767 12/11/2018 8:47:31 PM UTC PayPal 1 x EVE Character Transfer $20.00 Paid
41622511 12/11/2018 8:12:59 PM UTC PayPal 1 x EVE Character Transfer $20.00 Paid

The worst banned by ISK ( buy ), and Im not selling my isk yet xD. This is not the first time i sold characters on bazaar in 11 years playing, and many of you do it daily, so if you move isk between accounts and is suspicious or injector or you inject an alpha you get autobanned and costumer support tell you make a ticket and go ■■■■. Ok i understand we are running a business here, but even the ban is for 3 days still being annoying. All the process a player has to do to prove he has his own isk. and there is no compensation Endgame is Dead and you want us to train skill for another ( year ) or two to use a decent alpha?

Im interested in your opinion. Fankids will be counted as free bump.

Please tell us more

Can you retype this in english so it is easier to understand?

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You were likely banned because the person buying the characters paid with RMT isk, and they are temporarily suspending your account to get it figured out, as to not allow any more transactions through that account that involve RMT.

Also your English is horrible, and I had a very hard time making any sense of this ■■■■.

Just write it in your native tongue, we could google translate it and be better off

With my native English reading eye’s, I was able to comprehend your post perfectly! Some errors here and there, however to a native speaker, your fine!!

To be honest I’ve been away from the game awhile myself and am just coming back and the character bazaar kind of makes me worry. I’m seeing a ton of posts about people sending their isk and not receiving a character. One post I read this morning, that exact same thing happened and the person who sent the isk waited 19 days to get it back from CCP.

With the amount of real money spent on isk by a lot of players, you would think CCP would be on this stuff like a hawk!! Doesn’t look like it though.

As far as being banned for getting some dirty isk, that’s a real shame. Again, because real money spent on isk, 3 days seems lengthy as well. Any issues should be like within 24 hours, but maybe they’re understaffed for that particular department? Idk I feel CCP has enough money and staff to resolve issues sooner than 3 days or especially 18 days for a character scam that steals yo isk lol

Your best option is to open a support ticket and talk to CCP directly. Posting on the forums will do nothing to get support.

They are good at answering tickets timely, however it can take a bit depending on the situation and what needs to be looked into and investigated. So I suggest opening the ticket, explaining everything that happened and giving any details you have and then just be patient.

Since discussing this type of stuff on the forums, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.

Thank you!