Got scammed on char bazaar and GM banned my account without explanation, please advise!

Hello All,

I would like to get your feedback/help on what to do next. I won an auction for a pilot on the character bazaar forum at

Apparently the Seller @perfomanse disappeared after he accepted my offer and I sent him the 80 billion ISK. On December 18th, I opened a support ticket reporting to CCP about the situation and also included a direct link back to this sale thread on the forum. A few days later, the account that I asked the Seller to transfer the pilot to GOT BANNED as shown in the screenshot below!! So far I have not received ANY response from CCP at all. I tried looking up a phone number to CCP’s support department but there is none. I asked CCP several times, via the support ticket, to explain why my account got banned when it is obvious that I got scammed on the character bazaar forum but still no response from them. If you look up my history on the character bazaar forum, I’ve bought more than 100 characters in the past (and yes it is for my SP farm). Any help on trying to get a hold of the support team at CCP? I’m stucked and don’t what to do next! Please advise.

Account Banned Screenshot

This topic will most likely be locked since there is nothing any of us can do to help. It says “account security compromised”, so person who sold character probably tried to hack into your account, which led to it getting banned. Support ticket is the best thing I can tell you. or email support directly at the email they provided.

Forums can’t help with Support Tickets. CCP/GMs sometimes ban accounts while they are being investigated, this is to insure that nothing can be changed, moved or transferred from the account. Once the investigation is complete your account will be unbanned and you should get your ISK back.

Until then, please wait for the investigation to be concluded.

On a side note; you should always be cautious when buying characters that are only for sale in a short window of time, and are being sold way below the norm of ISK/SP price. It could be very likely that the account, of which the character being sold belongs to, has been hacked or someone has gotten access to it by other illegal means.

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