Support work or not?

created ticket about scam 5 days ago.
still no answer
ticket 814596

You are aware that scamming in-game is allowed? As is stealing, lying, spying…

it is scam on character bazar!

The event will be investigated by team security - they have the logs and know the rules. If they agree that something illegal happened they can reverse the transaction and ban the perpetrator - if that happens, you’ll probably be notified. Otherwise you’re unlikely to receive any response. Team security is very small and very busy and I don’t see many players asking CCP to raise their prices so they can afford more people!

Well, in that case just be patient. The GM’s will investigate and get it fixed. Scamming in character trades is forbidden.

i have only been waiting for 48 hours for an account problem so looks like it a long wait for me then sigh :grimacing:

so you think it is normal that they did not answer for 6 days? and I cant play game because my character was extracted and all my isk was stolen…

i hope not mate. My account has been baned don’t know why trying to get an answer, i just want to get that char back playing

I got answer thx)

just curious: did you get ur stuff back?

Nice hope you got stuff back

I suspect @MakviS purchased a character on the bazaar and the seller extracted all the skills before transferring it. I have no doubt CCP anticipated that scam and are prepared to deal with it. But they’ll also want to find out who bought the injectors and reverse that transaction - it takes time.

well either way a scam is a scam. at least he now got an answer I on the 3rd day now :frowning: still no answer

You know it’s only a game but definitely make one want to knock a scammers johnson in the dirt, hope you get reimbursed and any assets the scammer had given to you.

Ok I get that support teams are really busy but come on my ticket still not answered thats over a month and not a peep from them. Well guess it’s not the same eve as I remember good job support you just lost another person.

I have sent a lot of tickets in past 3 weeks, and did not receive any answer, than i wrote to support service in Facebook
there is their answer
Weel, i know, patience is pretty usefull thing, but what about my Omega time? What about that i cant play? Nothing, still no answer, still no solution, still no explaining
Love this game very much, but such behavior just leaves me in really bad feelings

What is this garbage? Is anyone aware that this is not how spaceships fly, now or ever? Crafts in space do not have a ‘maximum speed’. speed relative to what? this is an airplane game. I’m new here, because the magical physics in world of warships was intolerable. also yeah everything takes long to load but I assume that’s because the game is downloading. Edit: and am I going to have to get a code from my email every time I log in? I don’t save cookies because quit snooping, and it takes a lot of clicks to get into my email every time.

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