How long does CCP take to resolve a SCAM on Character Bazaar?

It’s been a week, and there’s still no response.
It always takes so long, or am I doing something wrong?

when I start the SUPPORT TICKET,I choose SELECT TYPE with Billing & Account. Is it right?

Specifically for the CB Scam you’d probably want to use:

  • Type: Game Play Support.
  • Category: Rules & Policies > EULA & Terms of Service.

and mention “Character Bazaar scam” in your subject line along with as much info as you can in the description field.

An investigation can and will take a bit of time; all we can say is to wait for a GM to get to your ticket and wait for the reply. Nobody on the forums can help expedite it faster; creating multiple tickets will not help either, on the contrary it will only make it take longer as it would introduce more tickets into the system.

I’ll go ahead and close this.

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