Ticket response time and customer support

Two weeks ago, while playing, I was disconnected from the game on two separate accounts, permanently banned pending an investigation about account security compromised. In the ban note, I was asked to contact customer support.

Well, for customer support you got a phone, wich is clearly stated that it is not intended for game issues, the ticket system, and an email adress… that automatically generates a ticket. So customer support is just tickets.

Okay, I submitted one 14 days ago, and I have yet to receive ANY kind of feedback. A week ago I sent an email, that just generated a new ticket that was closed and merged with the old one automatically.

So, I was banned from the game 14 days ago, and I still don´t know why ( apart from the generic “account security compromised” ) when I will be able to enter the game again, or any other kind of feedback.

Hell, a simple direct contact with a brief " You are being investigated for x reason, dont worr this can take time " would have been enough. But really, being given a kick in the arse and 0 feedback for two weeks is extremely discouraging. I could have bought that we are in august and half of the staff is on holydays, but I guess that staff is not a problem as we are in “GM week”…

Have any of you any kind of experience on how much time should I expect to get some kind of answer?

PD: I was going to post this with one of the affected accounts, and it is banned ALSO from the forums, that´s another line of comunication cut leaving me only with my unattended ticket… frustrating gets a tiny word to describe the feeling.

While I understand your frustration, adding additional overhead to send redundant messages is only going to exacerbate the situation.

With that said, two weeks definitely sounds excessive.

Well that´s another issue, tbh. You feel cohibited to ask anything, or to update a ticket because you feel that it is just going to put the issue back to the bottom of the pile. That´s why I have ceased any contact attempt 8 days ago since I wrote the email, wich by the way I didn´t knew that it would create a new ticket.

some tickets don’t get response for weeks.


You do know of course.

Well I get an idea.

I was carrying a task of counter-cloakcamping ( an alliance started cloakcamping our systems and we started to payback them ) with some degree of success… so I guess I was massively reported. I know that cloackcamping isn´t against the rules, but I guess when you have enough reports on you, you get investigated anyways.

I usually connect from 3 different computers with up to 4 different IP´s, maybe that seemed strange to a GM that decided to lock me down to make me some questions and being sure that I wasnt being hacked.

No problems with that, If i ever were hacked I´d like my account locked asap. I can prove I owe all of the IP´s ( well, but the one i use occasionally at work for some quick market check or some afk vexor ratting ) But two weeks for that? And this is just a guess, I really don´t know.

I have never been hacked ( or if I have been, the hacker never touched anything ) I use antivirus and antimalware on every computer, and I have never shared any account with anyone.

And during all the years some fucker comes on the forum stating he has been wrongfully banned, not a single one of them has shown proof he was. You will not be any different.

You know that some accounts don´t get banned for doing something against rules, but for being hacked, for example, right?

If I am accused of something by a company representative I will show proofs against the accusation to him, not here.

But the problem, and the reason I have opened this is that I have not been accused of anything, or asked anything, or said anything. Just silence for two weeks. I´m not even asking for a solution, for I am not saying wich accounts I´m talking of, I was just asking if anyone has had any similar experience, and what the outcome has been for them, and a general complain about a customer support that in the end is just a ticket system that can take weeks to get an answer.

And I havent do anything to you to get called fucker for no reason, and independently of what you think, some people, sometimes gets charged of something that hasn´t been its fault, so I can just hope that you never get in a situation like this beause its not a good feeling.

Of course you wont. Have fun playing another game.

No no, post them here. We will judge you. I dont even know what sort of evidence you could possibly post, short of “I play eve in the middle of CCP headquarters with a senior GM looking over my shoulder and he can attest to the fact that i do not bot/cheat/hack.”

Well, no, the ban means that youve been accused of something.

Also, its possible that you are guilty as hell and are just trying to feign being innocent to try and create outrage from the community and have CCP bend over to the will of the people and unban you.

Given the fact that the ban reason is “Account security compromised” ( nice reading btw ) I´m sure that there is no botting/cheating suspicions. The only thing that can be considered is that some of the IP´s connecting to my accounts are not mine, which I can easily give proof of by means of my internet access invoices. And of course that is not the kind of document that I´m gonna post in public.

Given the fact that the ban appendix is “Pending investigation” and that I have n´t received any comunication ( nice reading again btw ) No, I have not been accused of anything.

Given that in no moment I have specified the accounts involved, that I have stated that I can understand that an account suspicious of being hacked is locked immediatly, and that I have repeteaded already a couple of times that I´m not seeking any kind of solution but other player´s experiences with the ticket system ( nice reading one more time ) and express dissatisfaction with the ticket response time, that is just ridiculous.

Some of you are being extremely low symphatethic. No rule and control system is perfect, and all of us obeying the rules think that we are perfectly sure cause we are doing everything good, but I repeat myself; may you never have a problem of this kind, because it feels really bad, and much more specially when you are being the target of free innecessary attacks like yours.

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The ban reason isnt always accurate. Just ask Erotica1 when she received her ban, her reason was “blank”.

K, im not the one who is banned so i dont care.

Actually, you have. Just because the investigation is pending, doesnt mean there isnt an accusation. You do realise that you first need to be accused of something before the police investigate, right?

K, youre not the first person to try and use the “Hey, im not complaining/ive never fallen for this scam/im just asking your opinion, but this is ridiculous” card.

Im sure it does, but when you do weird, shady ■■■■, you get more accusations flinged at you.

When i first read your original post, i had this inkling feeling to ask, why the f@ck are you playing eve on 4 different IPs. That is shady as f@ck.

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Let me guess. He is using multiple Alpha accounts next to an Omega. Mystery solved and rightfully banned. Good riddance.


That I can answer easily. Mainly at my home, occasionally at work ( shouldnt i lnow :stuck_out_tongue: ) to check something and while on travel, with my Laptop; most of the time with my 4G line, and occasionally with the line of my wife If I run out of the data limit on mine.

Well, no, i do that too. Been doing it for years. I play EVE when it gets boring in the pharmacy, i play at my friends house, at the library, i even have VPN and i sometimes forget to turn it off and still play EVE. The problem i see with you is that you are running two different accounts on different IPs at the same time, which would definately flag, and again, is shady as f@ck.

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Oh, nono. I never log at the same time with different accounts on different IP´s. If i do at home, is both account on the same IP and if its in my laptop, it is also both accounts with the same IP

Says you. CCP may disagree.

ticket posted August 08, 2018 20:59

still no reply


Let me guess. He is using multiple Alpha accounts next to an Omega. Mystery solved and rightfully banned. Good riddance.

Hence all the IP juggling…

Nicolai_Serkanner gets the cookies…

Bans are handled by team security not normal customer service. Investigations can take up to a month. No one here will be able to help you.