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One of my accounts was banned over a week ago, Out of the Blue (funny cause that is the name of my alliance) without any notification, or warning. I submitt a support ticket asking the questions and then do my own research into the issue. I discovered the problem within 5 minutes and updated my support on Decemeber 31st. It’s January 6th and I haven’t had any movment. I don’t care how many tickets are ahead of me, nothing should ever take over a week to even acknowldge my exsistance. I am just asking for some communication, but the fact that I know the answer, explained the issue and yet to recieve anything from anyone is sicking. Things have to change with how your customer service operates. If I treated my customers like this, I wouldn’t have a business!

Respond to anything, please. Because the next step is to fly to Eve, maybe in person I can get a line of communication.

Referance: Ticket 1718756


Calm down miner.

:thinking: :smirk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Looks like the OP is going to fanfest xD

Well, I certainly sympathize with you, but there’s nothing we can do to help.

What I can say is that you might want to poke around in spam/promotions/other folders to see if you got any confirmation emails from CCP. IIRC, I always get an email saying that they received my support ticket, but they can sometimes end up in places other than my inbox.

Also, there is the possibility that it’s taking so long because they are investigating the matter. In fact, this might actually be a good sign. I can’t speak for account bans, but in the case of ship reimbursements, it has been my experience that quick responses usually mean denials, why slow responses usually mean approval.

Regardless, I hope you get this sorted.

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Bro, you banned, you ceased to be a customer.

Your logic is flawed.

Also calm down cheater!

You don’t know what I was banned for… but I love that you just assume. You could just ask like a normal human.

yeah, not a miner.

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