I have had one of my accounts banned and I have no way of contact anyone at CCP

Monday there was a billing error, either on your part or my bank. They consequently thought it was some kind of fraud and reject the billing via Paypal. My character Thedauphin has been banned, with no warning or communications. And I have no way of communicating with you.removed Btw take a look at your records, I have been a paying customer for over 10 years.

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They’re probably not going to contact you.

File a support ticket under account management and go through billing.

I can’t login to submit a ticket

I submit tickets, I never hear from them.


Doesn’t require you to log in.

(Of course, you saying ‘I have no way to log in’ suggests you’ve not even tried to submit a ticket. as there’s a big button for ‘I am unable to access my account’)

It also mentions the support email address.

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I have tried different thing including submitting tickets under this account. So far nothing from CCP. When your account is banned, you can’t get to anything, and they don’t seem to answer their support emails. I figure sooner or later someone in CCP will see this.

Steve have you tried to use the support e-mails that are listed on the support page recently? Well they don’t work,neither 1 is valid and as far as calling numbers, forget it unless you know the extention you can’t get anyone there either, it’s almost as if they don’t want to here from players with issues.

So you’re saying support@eveonline.com doesn’t work?

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How many tickets have you submitted? each time you submitt a new ticket it adds you to the end of the queue, stop doing that. You were most likely banned for them to investigate and be sure no one was hacking your account. This happens. Send a single support ticket or an e-mail to support@eveonline.com and wait.

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Sound advice. Thats how you do it!

Just a heads up don’t expect a quick response on this issue. I sent in a ticket to get an account unbanned on December 16 2016. didn’t get a response untill June 9th 2017 requesting more information provided this and still haven’t heard back anything in response to this date. so good luck, honestly it looks like they do not care.


Whats funny they seem to collect more and more tickets as time passes. Few days ago there was few thousands tickets in queue.