If a player creates a ticket in customer support and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

No, apparently not.

Wrongfully Banned one of my accounts due ‘Account Security Compromised’.
Account given back after 3 weeks of ‘Investigation’, with some compensation. My account was not compromised.
They forget to turn off the account restrictions due to the wrongful ban. I have 3 characters I bought from the Bazaar that I cannot extract.

8 days since their last response. It’s been 30 days so far, and I don’t have my account back, fully yet.

I know this is going to get closed, but um… Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?

Patience is a virtue

If you’re not getting anywhere through the support desk/ ticket system you could try contacting customer support directly via their email, which is support@eveonline.com

Slightly off topic, if a man says something in the forest when there are no women to hear him, is he still wrong?

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Not as bad as that but I created one on Saturday and nothing. Normally they are ok at responding so .

No, because the man is always right. If men were wrong, what would women screech about then?

AFAIK, doesn’t sending an email there create another ticket?

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Keep calm and carry on, am I right? I’d love to see you say that with the combined value in assets that I have on that account.

combined value of digital pixels that only have a lifetime value in a fictional currency that’s limited of CCP’s and Eve’s existence.

Now, if it was like assets you can take out of game such as trading cards on Steam or on a blockchain; I get it.

I am sure many have walked away with more than you combined in accounts for one reason or another.

Also, the old addage of, eggs and one basket yada yada

Seriously now, The value for me is in the time/money investment. And the fact that CCP greatly benefits from people having multiple gamma accounts, 2 characters each training with MCTS.

How does it benefit CCP taking over a month to restore a service that has been wrongfully banned, so that I can buy gamma/MCTS on that account?

How would it be for you If netflix banned you for a month while you are paying and then returned your account back with only the kids section enabled?

I would probably unsub from Netflix and walk away.

Then look outside and see real value

Should I see real value outside with or without a mask/gloves? Perhaps hit the beach or the gym? Super spreaders are on demand

yes, yes

Got it, thanks. :+1:

I found your problem.

Try me, hand over all the assets (when you can) and I’ll show you patience.

Unfortunately you will not be able to find assistance here on the forums. The best way is to wait for the GMs to respond to your ticket. As such, I will be closing this thread now.

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