Eve Support, what's your recent experience?

Not a complain thread!!

Back in the day, i remember eve had the best support response, sometimes within minutes into a ticket, i’d get a response, at the golden times of 2013(more players supposed to be more tickets i guess?).

I submit a ticket about a payment issue, I made a mistake and bought omega for the wrong account(returning player after a year), haven’t logged in to the account afterwards and immeadiately contacted support for either a refund or moving the omega time to the correct account. its been over a week and the omega time is ticking and my tickets got updated on their “last activity” timer twice ,yet no reply. Now, i’m not worried at all, just have a more general question.

I just want to ask if people experienced slow/unattended tickets hanging around for a long time after the ccp has been sold? Has the support team been less responsive? Just want to know the experience of others and thoughts…

P.S. totally not a boredom thread waiting things get solved…

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I like the GMs. I can’t talk about what I’ve asked them, but I like them. They’re quite the helpful bunch.

Similar to z0ra. When I’ve had contact with them they have always been very helpful.

they got tons of Support request in these days of permanent ddossing … have a little paitence, i am sure they will respond …

Uhm, i stated that its not a complaint thread. Just wanted to know whether people feel a difference after ccp got sold. That’s all…

It’s not possible to honestly reply to this without running afoul of the terms of use of the forums. Any accurate account of my experience with CCP’s customer service would get me banned for (accurately) characterizing their intelligence, reading comprehension skills, and likely parental heritage.

What’s “a little patience”? The same amount they’re showing ME by endlessly nagging me to re-up my Omega status? They’re not cutting us any breaks, why should we cut them any?

How tough is it to shut off the autonag and suspend Omega account aging globally until they sort this crap out?

I notified them many days back that I was unsubbing all six of my accounts until/unless I was compensated, fully, for the lost time and for my in-game losses.

So far, crickets despite a large number of “Oh, I got my reimbursement request handled in a day” posts I’m seeing on the forums regularly.

I spend a good deal . . . no let me correct that . . . I spent a good deal of money on this game and their response to me has been, and I need to say this as precisely as I can, “Go f— yourself.”

Yes it is.

Sod off.

Well, you got explanation for a long reaction time right now. If you want to discuss another period, specify it.

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You have absolutely no idea at all of the amounts of money spent on games - yes, including EVE - if you think 6 poxy subs is anywhere near “a good deal of money”. Get over yourself and your stupid attitude that you are inflicting on every thread you can. You are quite literally nothing.

I’ve only filed 3 tickets in the last couple years. The shortest response time was 3 days, the longest was 8 days. I think the other was 5 days. In the two longer cases, it was when an event was on and issues were occurring and they were likely swamped with tickets (like now).

In both those cases, their reply, though slow, was useful, to the point, and pretty much everything I could have asked for.

In the case of the faster reply, which was due to a UI issue, the response was a form letter, followed by another form letter, followed by a reply by someone who apparently hadn’t bothered to read (or understand) my previous two responses, followed by an escalation to a senior GM who understood what I was saying but had no fix better than “I’ll pass it along to the team”. The same UI issue (which is linked to Skilling Spree, as it happens), occurred yesterday. It’s an odd bug so I guess it’s not something they’ve been able to address.

Long story short - longer ticket times when big issues are occurring. Usually a good response when you get it. Less good response when it is a tricky issue that they can’t easily duplicate or track.

Oh, and just get in the habit of ignoring FairyTail completely. He’s one of those toxic trolls who never, ever contributes anything useful, but merely exists to spread the pain of being a maladjusted misanthrope to everyone he can in hopes of finally receiving some attention.

Well, that escalated quickly. I just implied that my past experience revolves around maximum few days of response time and even minutes. And everyone else will probably give similar great reviews about the eve support. So now that it took quite i little bit more, then got to wonder if this has been the case, maybe perhaps due to the changes (ccp sold). So, wanted to clarify by asking the experience of others, whether this has been a change in the norm of very quick support responses of the past. No need to be fanatic, positive or negative.

edit: Kezrai, thanks for clarifying. I took him seriously, my bad.

Initially response was pretty bad, almost two weeks.
After that, friendliest reply and professionalism I have experienced.
The boys are probably swamped but they are awesome once the own the ticket.

Support has never disappointed me.

Seems there were quite a few who got late responses but it seems once they got a reply, whatever the situation has been, seem to be resolved perfectly. Great to hear. Hope eve can do a good comeback and have high player numbers like 2013. Wish they didn’t spent so much money on dead-end projects and instead pumped eve further. But well, as long as it keeps pumping, peeps gonna come back…

EVE Support is good. It can take from few hours to few months, based on type of a issue.

You just have to understand that a big company has a development cycle, based on its macro- and micromanagement cycles. Just google for the concepts like Agile, Kanban and Scrum.


It’s a dice roll. Some issues are handled in a day.

apparently they handed out omega game time to those who submitted tickets due to Ddos, the ones who didn’t well they can suck it


Do you know if the “Customer Support” is still active (due to COVID-19)?
I raised a ticked the 21-MArch-2020 and I have no answer yet (26-March-2020). I relaunched them the 25-March)