Support not good anymore

As i start typing, i see all the similar topics which were created in the past years.

I had 2 Issues in the past 4 weeks, both of them were caused by automatic processes and needed to be fixed manually by support.

Overall my experience is unsatisfying.

-More then 24 Hours of reaction Time
-You don´t know which language to choose
-Feels like interaction with NPC´s. If you ask or mention something they send you to another NPC or to the Forum to complete youre mission.
-Ingame Support doesn´t exist

To begin of my eve career the support quality felt better and faster.


Maybe CCP teams are busy managing their time between the game and a bad uptick in volcano activities on their island.
I trust they’re getting their families out of harm’s way before they worry about players and their minor concerns.
Equinox is coming out in a few days as well so I imagine it’s all hands on deck to get it right.
Give them time. Patience is a virtue.


Indeed it does. That will soon change as PA moves to full AI customer service for its properties.

No ego.
No copy/paste form letters.
No favoritism.
Quick replies.
Consistent rule enforcement.
Clear and concise answers to what you asked.
And so much more.

Personally, I look forward to our new CM, GM and ISD AI overlords.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Just e-mail them. I was needing to recover a very old account yesterday, and they replied to me within 10 minutes.


That’s outstanding! They’re probably Gallente GM. Caldari couldn’t tie their boots to save their lives.

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But only about a 59% chance of the answer being useful.

And sometimes the response will have eight fingers.

–Gadget is real… you know what i mean…

There was a time when support was “outstanding”.
I put in 2 requests for account reasons last Friday, 4 days ago, still nothing.
Since then I’ve asked them to close the tickets seeing they cant get their thumbs out of their asses.
Nuff said, no money for you ccp.

So exactly when was it good? You lost me with the word “anymore”.

Most game companies losing revenues resort to outsourcing tech support to the lowest bidder. This means you get what you paid for… nothing. There are companies, some of them I contracted with, that pay for quality support on a case by case basis. One I worked with was an automotive manufacturer, they use EDS and filed trouble tickets to get on site service. The tickets were payable to EDS. The company doesn’t distinguish between a paid or free players, support treats everyone as free players.

I recall back-in-the-day, before the massive online craze, there was help and even cheat phone numbers in some game manuals, you called a 1-900 number and was billed to your phone per minute for assistance.

Basically game support will be about as helpful as those phone numbers for gambling addiction on the online casino advertisements .

Fly safe o7

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I’ve never really had any bad experience with EVE GM’s, possibly because I don’t ask the impossible or try to gain an advantage. I’ve had things take a long time but that was years ago and since what I asked was very specific and off the norm I wasn’t surprised by that at all, and in the end they came through.

It’s really simple: don’t have main character syndrome, be friendly, don’t drama dump, be logical, add facts and information, be reasonable and realistic. It’s almost like how you should go around IRL as well if you want to have friends, a meaningful relationship or do well at your job. Who knew.


Besides the obvious irony of that statement coming from you, good advice. If only most of you regular forum ghosts could keep that in mind when posting as well.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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It’s really simple: if a person behaves normally, isn’t “suffering” from main character syndrome, isn’t lying, isn’t causing drama, isn’t scheming but uses reasonable logic I’ll react in kind.

If it’s the opposite then I won’t. Instead I’ll react accordingly.

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litterally been waiting since 11th last month for a ticket for account transfer help. Still no response.

Support is terrible, I lost a ship that was docked in a NPC station around 10 days ago.

First reply after around a week was your ship and station was destroyed as can happen to player stations !

Second reply was I was not docked and lost my ship in space mining? How I was docked when I logged out and logged on to a pod by a NPC station?

Third reply, new GM this time. I forcibly shut game client and remained in space, 2 minutes later I was destroyed.

Fourth reply, I was not docked and involved in an incident. The game server logs are considered to be 'what actually happened ', regardless of what anyone else involved in an incident saw on screen at the time.

So even though the game is telling me I am docked I was actually in space getting my arse shot up ! What a load of horse ******* and what a load of ****** customer support.


You got killed on the undock, that it’s. You can pretend that you died because of “lag”, “Ididntdonothing” or “black screen” but it’s 99% chance you either weren’t paying attention or didn’t know what to do.

Sadly not I was docked, all the screens displayed a station and I am docked. Yet I was killed and in a pod when I logged back in

What an amazing considence that the one time docking magically doesn’t work is when people are trying to blow you up, must be the game’s fault and we’ll believe you on your word.

Also, why would you log out if you just escaped death, the second after you docked but before you could see your ship. Sounds way more plausible that you got killed, know you got killed to then rage quit. And now you’re making up a story that doesn’t align witn the facts which is why GM’s have a hard time making sense of it and coming to different conclusions (if we even believe you on this part and you’re not making it up).

Imagine raging so much because of a ~300 mil Mackinaw lossmail in 0.2 sec (that by the way shows you’ve been 47 km from the docking ring when your ship popped).

If you can’t afford your losses you do something really wrong.

  • Either learn how to avoid getting killed so often

  • mine faster to can replace your stuff without issue

  • downscale your mining expenses (and ship class too if needed) so you waste much less on lost ships (because even if you earn less you will still be better off as you waste a ton less on popped ships)

  • or mine in a safer security status area instead

or a combination of these.



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The support has been fairly terrible for a while.

make sure to rate automated responses that fail to even address what your ticket covered with a 0.

It feels like asking ChatGPT to count how many 'r’s are in ‘strawberry’ and point out where they are, repeatedly.

The lack of decent support and the refusal to provide a solid answer, especially when it comes to requesting official clarification of whether something is a bug or not, is an issue.


One of our new line members of Frostpacker came to me for support today with concerns of his daily log in reward.


/Where is the T3 Destroyer?

What am I going to tell Ariel?