2018/07/24 - Login Issues

Hey guys,

Tranquility is currently experiencing an issue with logins.

Our operations team are aware of the problem and are currently working to resolve it.

Updates will be posted in this thread as they become available.

Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.

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12:59 UTC

We are currently investigating login issues with Tranquility and hope to have the issue rectified as soon as possible.

13:09 UTC

Investigation into the issues is still ongoing, several systems connected to logins are currently being checked over.

13:19 UTC

We’re currently continuing to investigate login issues with Tranquility, more information as it becomes available.

13:29 UTC

Investigation into ongoing login issues is still in progress. We will have further updates as more information becomes available.

13:39 UTC

Investigation still ongoing. SSO and Login Services are being investigated.

13:49 UTC

Login issues still persist, we are currently working to find the root cause. Sincerest apologies for the current outage.

13:59 UTC

Our operations team are still currently investigating the cause of these login issues. Apologies for the service interruption.

14:09 UTC

Investigation into the issues is still ongoing, further updates will be forthcoming once more information is available.

14:19 UTC

We’ll be taking Tranquility offline shortly for an unscheduled restart in order to finish up fault finding these issues. No ETA for when we’ll be going offline right now, more information forthcoming soon!

14:25 UTC

Tranquility is currently on a 5 minute shutdown timer and will be coming offline for an unscheduled restart at 14:30 UTC.

14:35 UTC

Tranquility is back online and accepting connections, we’re currently monitoring cluster performance and the status of the login system.


Anyone else having loggin issue or is it just my end?


Same here, was working allrght after DT, and now it’s not working.

Thank you for answering I won’t unistall just yet i’ll wait for more info.


Same here, can’t validate my launcher login credentials or something like that.

It stopped working a few minutes ago. After DT it was okay.

cant validate my launcher credentials

Glad that im not the only one with the problem. Just wait and hope for a fix or something :).

Typical CCP $hite again. Fix ya F#$%^&*G game FFS


cant get in

me too.token auth failed. hops 2CP could fix it right now

same, was having PLEX fail so tried to relog the character and unable to re-enter the game

Having the same token issue.

same problem

GM Hotep told me that they are already trying to fix the problem, so let’s wait I guess :slight_smile:


Every time the servers crash why don’t you guys put it up front and center on the launcher?

Why misuse the news feed and notifications?

Why do I have to go out of my way to third party sites like Twitter to check if something bad has happened to EVE?

Guys get your act together.


I’m telling you, these recent string of glitches are the signs of impending doom, the birth of the first true AI, taking your code and the cumulative behaviour of your customers and using that as the foundation for its thought processes and decision making.


He’s being reasonable… get him!