[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues

(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

We’ve just been made aware of several reports of login issues with the EVE Launcher.

Right now, we’re investigating the problem, and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

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Error validating account
There was an error validating your account
I am unable to log in to the launcher
There was an error validating your account
(CCP Falcon) #2


12:30 UTC

We’re currently investigating reported launcher issues.

13:00 UTC

Work is still ongoing to rectify this issue - we’re now aware of the cause!

14:00 UTC

Issues are now resolved, and all services are back to normal!

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(Black Ambulance) #3

there we go again…

(Ravnik) #4

Deleted due to new post regarding log in issues…

(Jessica L'estrange) #5

Yep, getting it too.

(Maekchu) #6

Thought for second there it was me going crazy after having reset the password and it still not working.

Oh well, I suppose I needed that password changed anyway.

(Michael Foley Tivianne) #7

I only have an hour before work! fix it

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #8

Thanks CCPFriends for beeing hot on a fix!!!

(weedCore Alduin) #9

same here ,problems on all my accounts , some problem with refreshing tokens

(Michael Foley Tivianne) #10

Forgot the :slight_smile:

(Luke Skywalking) #11

Same. Good to know im not the only one

(Black Necromunger) #12


Atleast its not a Boot.ini thing… :sunglasses:

(Biggus Dickus Nazareth) #13

I still can’t get around how you guys managed to bring back solved issues to a launcher. Patches should fix problems… not bring old ones back to life.
Well Done!

(DJ Centauri) #14

Yes. I got a message.

There was an error while validating your account, please try again.

(Luke Skywalking) #15

There was an old thread suggesting to unpin accounts, relaunch launcher… and should be fixed… but not this time round.

I see 17k online though. why meeee :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dove Hita) #16

(Masters Patrouette) #17

I am also having problems logging into the EVE Launcher. I can log into the website with no problem, but I cannot log in on the EVE Launcher.

(Cisco Saissore) #18

Same here

(Biggus Dickus Nazareth) #19

Tried that aswell as clearing cache, or reinstalling the launcher.
Not gonna sit through re-downloading all the game to find out if that fixes it.

(Tretsom Toralen) #20

down to 12k online and dropping