Log in Issues 11/03/18

(Tater-nuts) #1

Anyone else having issues logging in?

Can u log in?
Tranquility server problems compensation for omega accounts
Tranquility server problems compensation for omega accounts
(grenville averti) #2

same here

(KL1) #3

yep, issue here aswell

(Michael Aurora) #4

also issue :-/

(Reileen Kawahara) #5

Same here, cannot validate account…

(Sister Tyra) #6

seems pretty wide spread

(Arra Lith) #7

Seems like something is badly broken. When I try to login on www I got this:
Middleware Error : We were unable to log you in to the EVE Online Help center because our login middleware seems to be acting up.

(Heryades Vaille) #8

From Chile, also can’t log in. Again -.-

(Lumukanda Theleraese) #9

It’s dead Jim.

(Serenity Fireslayer) #10

USA cannot log in.

(Tandara5618) #11

Login server seems to be dead. Nether game, not Account management are reachable.
Forums are fine for some reasons…

(Reileen Kawahara) #12

Forums have there own validation tokens I believe, separate to the game server.

(Dinuvin Swift) #13

I can’t log on either…“error refreshing token”

(Uriel the Flame) #14

Was in the middle of promoting my giveaways (which means have to sign in to my 12 npc corp alts one by one to reach every npc starter corp chats) and exactly when finished with the first six, the seventh when signed in had none of the chats available, completely blank all of them. Signed in again twice with same result. Then restarted the launcher and can’t even sign in anymore. Pfft, talking about Murphy’s Laws. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stein Bytting) #15

“Error refreshing token” when trying to log in

(BenEtoDanila Okanata) #16

same problem

(galactic safe space) #17

same here across all my accounts through it was just me since there where no threads until now

(Eli Shaddi) #18

same here I’m down

(Xenos Morte) #19

Ccplz fix your broken stuff…

(Zeroworld) #20

CCP can’t work without breaking something at least once a day
i’ve got same issues as mentioned above