Log in Issues 11/03/18

Yes I am having this issue and the Report a Bug tab is linking to a 500 Server Error page too!

CCP help please fix!

also unable to log in as of 20 minutes ago. accounts that where logged in prior have not been disconnected.

same here

I was just jumping to LS…


can not log in

Oh thank god I’m not the only one at least

lowkey panicked :disappointed:

I’m having issues too.

Do people get disconnected too or just can’t log in?

just can’t log in

I got disconnected (might be a local short term issue) and could then not log in anymore

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Im getting the same Token issue, but able to log into the test server. lets have some fun!

Does CCP even know there’s a problem? Does their twitter page or anything acknowledge they are working on it?

This happens every Saturday (it should be scheduled really). Its usually best to be docked up or somewhere safe between 5-10p.

No acknowledgement of the issue on the twitter page

Let’s hope CCP wakes up soon.

New owners playing around ??

login servers up again!

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server login ok…ty ccp

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