Unable to Log in

First it tells me there is a problem refreshing the authorization in the launcher.
Then it tells me there is an error while validating my account.
Going to the website main page, clicking login, it gives me "Message “An error has occurred.”

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Same here
Again … CCP … getting tired of that !

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same here …

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same here

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Got this issue as well.

Out of interest, has everyone got 2 step authentication enabled?

same everywhere

dammmm ccp again this ■■■■.

How come there’s still 23000 players in ?

Who are they ???
Asian invaders ?

Because they never logged out. It’s only new logins that are effected

A few minutes ago there were 24000 in game, so others are getting dropped or can’t log back in as well.

Maybe not. it’s that time of the evening where we cross from EUTZ to USTZ so a 1000 player fluctuation isn’t all that uncommon.

But…with socket closed issues and whatnot, once you’re offline there’s no going back in. No doubt ESI being crap as we;;, ESI is crap

this is starting to pi** me off just loged off with my main toons and now i cant log back on
come on guys i pay a lot of money to play this game and all ive been getting for the last few weeks is crap

Same cant log in

Same problem here.

Same here

it seems it is working now again.

Just got in, no message on twitter about it all.

Issue seems to be solved. Player count is rising again.