{"Message":"An error has occurred."}

Keep getting this try to authenticate my account
{“Message”:“An error has occurred.”}


even refreshing nothing happens


yep trying diffrent computers no joy

I have the same issue have removed all accounts and reinstalled game client

That did not fix it?

Same issue, but just one account so far with it, the other worked fine crosses fingers.

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Same its only one accont

Same issue. The saved credentials asks to be reintroduced, and then, error.


+1 same issue

Same. 1 Account. Server appears to not be accepting new logins?

Same here with 2 different accounts.

x same issue

It seems to be an issue with the log in server :frowning:

same problem on al my 5 accounts

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Yes really help error message :smiley:

Not just me then, thank goodness thought I was hacked, someone trying to steal my precious bodily fluids!

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Same, what a bad error message.

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same Tak i was worried too