Launcher failage

(Dorian 'Gray) #1

Launcher stuck on ‘Refreshing authorization’ then just decides to call it a day and forget all about even trying to load the game.

(Jerrard Sortek) #2

Same problem here.
Encountered an error while refreshing token for

(Dravick Afterthought) #3

Me too, after I crashed with ‘a server process has gone offline’’

(Seralla Sokarad) #4

I assume there is some server issues since it went from 31k to 18.5k players.

(Hyo Remix) #5

Same here, and as I can see, server is not really at high numbers at the moment…

(Neutraal) #6

Yep, just got kicked from game with the same error message…

(Zaiden Arkaral) #7

Could we please get some kind of respons from CCP about this?

(Rivr Luzade) #8

Thanks GSM for saving goons.

(Hong Lee) #10

Same issue.

(Natalia Tau) #11

just when I have a free evening and have stuff to move ingame …

(Sammy Daviss) #12

This is happening to me as well.
It dumped me at 2pm EST and will not validate my account. I have restarted the launcher and rebooted my computer. No Love. Glad it isn’t just me.

(chez1962) #13

CCP not responding :confused: good job CCP

(Maddisyn Ghostraven) #14

No dice loggin. DC’d without warning TQ dropped 10k+ pop.

(Fabada Asturiana23) #15

Game faillure i hope dont loose my ship i was in fight and cant start cause launcher fails (sorry my poor english, soy español de España y aqui se habla español)

(Aptonio Adoulin) #16

Same here, can’t log in launcher refreshing ;(

(Meridug Corvinus) #17

eve online dead again

(Jo Hunt) #18

Same, but the toon that dropped still shows in local (no its not hacked, as it never came back after crash warp)

(Sammy Daviss) #19

(Fabada Asturiana23) #20

Plex for free for inconvenience or only lost our time whith this kind of problems?

(Rat RoHaNiN) #21

Same here you are not alone pilot !